• Newtopia


Norway 2019 | 89 min.

Start festival: 04 November 2020, 10.00 am

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Documentary films

Newtopia / Newtopia

Indonesian, English

A long-term documentary about the overexploitation of the Indonesian jungle, and the friendship between a Norwegian and a shaman in the Mentawai Islands.
In 2004, Norwegian adventurer Audun Amundsen travels to the Indonesian islands of Mentawai, where he meets the shaman Aman Paksa and his family. He moves to their jungle home and learns the language. Over the years that follow, he captures with his camera the profound changes that take place in their society. With new streets and electric lines, unbridled development is making rapid inroads. Currency replaces the barter economy, and handcrafts are supplanted by plastic utensils. Aman Paksa wants a part of those modern comforts and his Norwegian friend feels obliged to help him achieve the prosperity he desires. But the chain saw that makes Aman Paksa a successful builder does not make him or his family happy … Audun Amundsen spent 14 years documenting this life in transition between two kinds of society – until Aman Paksa himself decides in favour of one.

Nordic Film Days Talks: In this video the shaman Aman Paksa chats with his norwegian friend and filmmaker Audun Amundsen.
Cast & Crew
Director: Audun Amundsen
Writer: Audun Amundsen
Camera: Audun Amundsen
Cast: Audun Amundsen, Aman Paksa

Production: Christian Aune Falch, Torstein Parelius, UpNorth Film
World Sales: DR Sales, Raina Films
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