• A Year Full of Drama

    A Year Full of Drama

Estonia 2019 | 109 min.

Start festival: 04 November 2020, 10.00 am

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Documentary films

A Year Full of Drama / Aasta täis draamat

Estonian, Russian

A small-town young woman participates in a cultural experiment and sees 224 stage shows in one year. The marathon theatre experience has personal consequences.
“Life has taught me to suffer”, says Alissija, the 22-year-old paid participant in an unusual experiment. A small-town woman who has never been to the theatre, she is chosen to see a stage show almost every day for one year and to write about it in a blog. To find out whether art has the power to change a life, she attends productions of the classics and modernist performances, tragedies in Tallinn and comedies in the hinterlands. With her laptop and tent, she journeys to the summer open-air shows. Self-confident and opinionated, she rates community theatre shows and productions at venerable old theatres. The theatre visits increasingly provoke contemplation about her own life. Alissija becomes increasingly fierce in confronting her own family problems – turning the screen into a stage for her very personal woes and joys.

Nordic Film Days Talks: Click here for an interview with Paul Piik, the director of "A Year Full of Drama".
Cast & Crew
Director: Marta Pulk
Writer: Marta Pulk
Camera: Aivo Rannik
Cast: Alissija-Elisabet Jevtjukova

Production: Paul Piik, Kinoteater
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