• Just Like a Painting by Eggert Pétursson

    Just Like a Painting by Eggert Pétursson

Iceland 2020 | 75 min.

Start festival: 04 November 2020, 10.00 am

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Documentary films

Just Like a Painting by Eggert Pétursson / Eins og málverk eftir Eggert Pétursson

Icelandic, Finnish, English

A cinematic portrait of the Icelandic artist who captures the entire variety and beauty of Arctic flora in his large-scale paintings.
It's always summer in Eggert Pétursson’s atelier. The Reykjavik-born artist paints nothing but flowers. He commits entire fields full of them from his native near-polar region to large-scale canvases, paintings that sometimes take years to complete. They are a riot of willow-herb and moss, lichen and ferns. His most recent work captures all the orchid species that grow in the country. His works are realistic and abstract depictions of nature that reveal a glimpse of paradise lost … The film follows Pétursson as he does research on the Skaftafell glacier, and visits an exhibition in Helsinki. It gives glimpses into his sketchbook, and his early work – Pétursson began painting flowers as a child. His work is esteemed equally by art connoisseurs and conservationists for the way it captures the entire variety and beauty of Arctic flora.

Nordic Film Days Talks: Click here for a director's voice of Gunnlaugur Þór Pálsson, the director of "Just Like a Painting by Eggert Pétursson".
Cast & Crew
Director: Gunnlaugur Þór Pálsson
Writer: Gunnlaugur Þór Pálsson, Þóra Ellen Þórhallsdóttir
Camera: Ólafur Rögnvaldsson
Cast: Eggert Pétursson, Guðmundur Ingólfsson, Hulda Hjartardóttir, Ingólfur Arnarsson, Edda Jónsdóttir, Þóra Ellen Þórhallsdóttir, Börkur Arnarson, Ólöf K Sigurðvardóttir, Ilona Anhava, Jyrki Siukonen

Production: Gunnlaugur Þór Pálsson, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, Sjónhending, Axfilms
Festival contact: Icelandic Film Centre
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