• The Good Traitor

    The Good Traitor

Denmark 2020 | 119 min.

Start festival: 04 November 2020, 10.00 am

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Feature film competition

The Good Traitor / Vores mand i Amerika

Danish, English

From high treason to national hero – the political and personal drama in the life of Danish diplomat Henrik Kauffmann, masterfully played by Ulrich Thomsen.
When Nazi Germany occupied Denmark in April, 1940, the king and the government put up little resistance. It was only the Danish ambassador to the USA, Henrik Kauffmann, who defied his country’s new rulers. He declared himself the representative of a free Denmark and garnered support from other ambassadors. Encouraged by his American wife Charlotte, and with the support of Povl Bang-Jensen of the embassy staff, he asked President Franklin D. Roosevelt for help. To advance possible military intervention by the USA, Kauffmann developed a bold plan that involved the future of Greenland … Ulrich Thomsen gives a masterful performance as the diplomat and man of the world who was celebrated as a national hero in Denmark after the war. Boasting exquisite camerawork, this elegant period film also looks at Kauffmann’s personal life before his tragic death in 1963.

Nordic Film Days Talks: Click here for an interview with Christina Rosendahl, the director of "The Good Traitor".
Cast & Crew
Director: Christina Rosendahl
Writer: Kristian Bang Foss, Christina Rosendahl, Dunja Gry Jensen
Camera: Louise McLaughlin
Cast: Ulrich Thomsen (Henrik Kauffmann), Denise Gough (Charlotte Kauffmann), Mikkel Boe Følsgaard (Povl Bang-Jensen), Zoë Tapper (Zilla Sears), Burn Gorman (Berle), Henry Goodman (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

Production: Jonas Frederiksen, Nimbus Film
World Sales: REinvent Studios
Festival contact: Danish Film Institute
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