• Lobster Soup

    Lobster Soup

Spain 2020 | 98 min.

Start festival: 04 November 2020, 10.00 am

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Documentary films

Lobster Soup / Lobster Soup

This jovial, yet melancholy portrait of a café in an Icelandic fishing port and its patrons is an homage par excellence to the pub as a lynchpin of society.
Grindavík is a small city in southwest Iceland that lives from fishing. But the people here live for the Bryggjan café. The men hunker down in this old harbour dive every day to talk about the world. A jazz ensemble plays here regularly, and poems are read aloud. Writer and Cervantes translator Guðbergur Bergsson is a regular. Even tourists drop in, to taste the legendary lobster soup. The cafés operators are getting a bit long in the tooth, and the daily bustle is slowly becoming too much for them. So when they get an offer to buy the Bryggjan from two Reykjavík businessmen, it suits them fine … This jovial, yet melancholy portrait of a tavern and its patrons explores the community gathering spot as a social institution. This is where the dead are mourned and the living are celebrated. “Lobster Soup” is an homage par excellence to local pubs.

Nordic Film Days Talks: Click here for an interview with Pepe Andreu and Rafael Molés, the directors of "Lobster Soup".
Cast & Crew
Director: Pepe Andreu, Rafael Molés
Writer: Pepe Andreu, Rafa Molés, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, Arūnas Matelis
Camera: José Luis Gonzáles Iglesias
Cast: Aðalgeir Jóhannsson, Kristinn Jóhannsson, Heiðar Ingi Aðalgeirsson, Björk Bergsdóttir, Guðbergur Bergsson, Friðrik Áskell Clausen, Óskar Guðjónsson, Þórgeir Guðmundsson

Production: Pepe Andreu, Rafael Molés, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, Arūnas Matelis, SUICAfilms
World Sales: Wide
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